How We Work
Here at Lynetech we work with clients near and far, and we adapt our process to fit your needs, but here's a rough guide so you can have some idea what happens when you start doing business with us.

Understanding your needs

Once you get in touch with us (take a look at our pricing tool). Often, meeting face to face will let us really get to the bottom of your project - the more information we have, the better our solution will be for you. Also, it's great to get to know you a bit better!

We love it when a plan comes together

Once we've absorbed your specifications, we'll work up a plan for the delivery of your project. This'll include timescales, itemised list of things we will need to achieve and the order we need to do them in (the critical path if you will) - if you want us to explain any parts or just give you a simplified version, just let us know.

The right tools for the job

When you're happy that we know what is needed, we can make some final decisions on which technologies to use in the development of your website. We mainly use PHP, custom built for your needs, but we also use pre-existing platforms such as WordPress, JotForms and more. Your requirements, budget and timescale all factor into these decisions.

Work commences

Now the plan and the tech is all sorted, we draw up a little contract, in plain English (ok, maybe a tiny bit of legalese, but as little as possible). We'll usually ask for a percentage of the total estimate as a deposit, when it's all signed we will crack on.

Progress reports

We'll keep you updated as we go, letting you know if we are going to hit our targets, showing you previews of the site, getting feedback on new features or just letting you have a play, so you can make adjustments. Earlier is better than later!

Final testing

Once we think everything is done we'll make the website available for you to test, we can sort out any final fixes you have and then we prepare for..


If we are hosting your website then we'll set up the servers, just right (we may need you to transfer a domain name to us, or just point it at your new server), we'll try to make it as easy as possible for you.

If you are hosting it yourself, or with other people, we will send you the code required and the information your hosts will need to organise, but we can't help too much.