With 13 years of experience Lynetech Websites have the expertise to help you reinvigorate your online presence or build your pioneering new website.

Responsive Websites

smartphone icon A site that looks great on a computer but is viewable perfectly on mobile and tablet devices? We have you covered!

Interactive Designs

tick checkmark icon Website designs that draw your customers in and engage them, responding to interactions and making their visit an enjoyable one.

Intuitive Layouts

heart love icon No clicking around, trying to find what you need. Simple and clear to make your website accessible to all ages and disabilities.

Simple Pricing

calculator icon Check out our price tool to get a quote, see which bells and whistles you can add to make your site shine.


credit card e-commerce icon Want to start selling direct to your customers? E-Commerce lets you sell products and take payment directly, manage your products, track your stock.

Blog Platform

lightbulb idea icon A company with lots to say is a magnet for new customers, get your news and views out there with a simple to use blogging platform.

Social Media

share network icon
We can hook any of our services into your social media accounts: instantly let your customers know that a new product is ready, a new blog is posted and more.

Fast Hosting

paper aeroplane icon We use fancy cloud hosting that allows us to cater to small sites or huge, high-volume applications - whatever your business requires.

Search Optimisation

magnifying glass search icon If you need, we'll work over time to improve your visibility on major search engines, bringing more visitors to your site.

Data Gathering

paper and pencil writing form icon We can build forms that can gather your user's pertinant data which can be emailed directly to you, or stored for later use.

In-Depth Analytics

bar chart analytics icon We can give you tools to track how your visitors use your website and tweak your content to maximise your website's impact.